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PLEASE NOTE that with effect from Monday 19th August, Oxford School of Reflexology and Oxford Therapy Supplies has ceased trading.
No further orders are being taken from customers, and all enquiries should be directed to:
Shaw Gibbs LLP, 264 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7DY - 01865 292200

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 Tony Porter's ART Foot Balm - 125 ml tube

BREAKING NEWS - Limited stock of Tony Porter's Foot Balm now available!

These have been out of stock for quite a long time, after Tony ceased production at the end of last year - but we have just found a small extra quantity during our warehouse reorganisation, so they are back on sale! Please bear in mind we only have a very few boxes left, so if Tony's foot balm is your favourite for reflexology, we recommend buying now....


ART Foot Balm / Cream in the new 125 ml tube, for easy carrying - or for if you have not tried the balm before and just want to sample it before investing in a long-life professional tub.

Please note that to reduce the postage cost to you, we will ship this in a plastic envelope rather than a padded one. The tube will be protected by its box. The reason we are planning to do this is that if we use a jiffy bag it puts the postage cost up so it would cost you the same to ship the 125 ml tube as it does to send the big tub, which is silly.

So if you particularly need the box to be beautiful, call us to let us know and place an order over the phone - otherwise we will ship in the way that costs you as little as possible.

Click here for a larger image.

Price:   £9.50 including VAT at 20%

OUT OF STOCK. Please call us for information on when we are expecting some more.

Tony Porter's Advanced Reflexology Techniques DVD - P&P Free Tony Porter's Advanced Reflexology Techniques DVD - P&P Free

This is the long-awaited DVD of Tony Porter's Advanced Reflexology Techniques - ideal for if you are not able to attend one of Tony's seminars, or you have attended and would like a refresher.

What we like about this DVD is not only Tony's inimitable style, but the fact that unlike many reflexology videos this is professionally produced and easy to watch. Not to mention the introduction by Maureen Lipman...

Here's what Tony himself says:

Are you benefiting from the full potential of your practice?

Advanced Reflexology Techniques (ART)® can help your practice become more successful.

This DVD will help you to become a more effective reflexologist, therefore creating a busier and more profitable practice.

Tony Porter is world renowned for his individual approach to reflexology. Now you can experience these effective techniques with the ART® DVD.

This new DVD is just £35.99 including postage to mainland UK. Orders from outside the UK are £38 including postage and packaging.

How this DVD can help you

It took me many years of clinical experience to create and adapt techniques that were really of benefit to my patients. I have had the good fortune to have worked with and had patients reffered by medical consultants, one of whom was a leading London gynaecologist. He was so impressed with the clinical success of the ART techniques that a pilot trial was set up at a leading London hospital, which showed the techniques to be hugely beneficial, particularly in the treatment of dysmenorrhoea. During this trial I was, through the use of state-of-the-art technology able to observe the effects of various types of reflex contact on various physical parameters.

Since that time, thousands of reflexologists internationally, their patients and practices have benefited from the ART techniques. Apart from teaching, I have a London and international practice.

There is enormous potential in reflexology, but only to those who are willing to encompass change. It is my hope that this DVD will be the catalyst for that change.

Tony Porter


Price:   £35.99 including VAT at 20%

Our ordering system is on hold for maintenance - please check back later or call us to order!

OSR Online Sales > Supplies for Therapists > Tony Porter's Advanced Reflexology Therapy

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